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How does educate4hope align with your needs?

Educational Leaders ( Principals, Assistant Principals, District and Central Office Administrators, Interns, Aspiring Administrators, Building Leadership Teams) often lead more than just their schools. it is not often we find/ Identify the right support system that understands this nor the lack of support we may be receiving from our supervisors.

educate4hope not only realizes this, but was founded on this very premise. a safe support system that also maximizes the effectiveness and growth for your team, your school, and your STUDENTS and enables you to leave work each day confident that your staff and students are being supported and achieving with everyone giving their best.

the support that allows you to maximize your resources and align your supports so that you have patience, and energy to give your family. proven leaders who have had repeated success and learned from their failures. safe relationships that are about school improvement, aligned with your vision of success.

That is what Educate4hope is for you.


For Principals, Aspiring Leaders, Assistant Principals, District Leadership and More... See all that we have to offer,

Aspiring Leaders... If you are a LEADER and are READY to make your IMPACT on a SCHOOL and Community in 2016-2017 - We can get you there! Complete the short application below and we will get back to you shortly

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Tired of watching the education reform from the sideline? Ready to be a leader but unsure of how ESSA will effect the principalship? Are you getting interviews but not callbacks?

If you are a LEADER and are READY to make your IMPACT on a SCHOOL and Community in 2016-2017 - We can get you there! Complete the short application -------------->


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Educate4hope was founded by our fundamental desire and beliefs that effective leadership coaching is the singular most effective strategy that positively influences and supports efforts of building and sustaining a legacy of academic achievement and positive school culture. The reality is, in many of our nation’s school districts, leaders are not supported and professionally developed in a manner that leverages skills sets nor is it done in a collaborative, trusting fashion. Whether it is a capacity, skill set, political, or a resource issue – it just doesn’t happen in some systems. As a result, our systems, schools and students continue to be impacted by losing potentially GREAT people and leaders.


We understand Urban Educators better than anyone and consequently, empathize with the sense of urgency in quickly realizing positive, sustainable outcomes and the challenges of working in very complex environments. Fortunately, we have learned from our challenges and been blessed with awesome experiences and professional development and we want to GIVE BACK. Thus, we have a very purposeful and intentional approach to our work and are committed to the following:



This relationship is of paramount importance. Without the freedom and security to share thoughts in a safe environment, educators tend to feel stifled and isolated. This leads to less productivity and inauthentic leadership that is not sustainable in an organization. We are able to develop this relationship by reputation, integrity, credibility, previous relationships and purposeful conversations. We will NEVER be untruthful and ALWAYS be transparent with our experiences.



To impact you and your entire organization. All educators want to improve and receive feedback, especially as it relates to their progress on their goals and outcomes. We have options to meet you at your readiness level. We meet you where you are and where you want to go. Think you want to be an administrator? We will help prepare you for an interview, review your resume, conduct a mock interview, and connect you with resources. Already an administrator but need support in a different fashion to meet your needs? We have courses, individualized coaching plans and resources to connect you and help you find YOUR success. Not success by anyone else’s standards – YOU call the shots! What good is success if it’s not your success?

Our commitment to our relationships with our partners combined with a value-added, feedback rich environment allows us to tie in the work of leveraging resources and create a prescriptive, transformative approach aligned specifically to realize you, your school or your school system’s desired vision and mission in a sustainable and productive (job embedded) fashion. Our service delivery model is fluid, innovative and responsive therefore we guarantee will meet the needs of all levels of leadership. We combine the use of provided technology with on-site coaching sessions to maximize shadowing opportunity and minimize distraction. Contact us to learn more about our unique job embedded model.

E4H 4.4 Model is rich in relationships and job embedded practices to ensure that school and district goals are met or exceeded while MAXIMIZING Individual Leadership Capacity 


our coursework

We experienced, remember, and often zoned out doodling ourselves dizzy from 10,000 hours worth of the time vampire, non-differentiated, repetitive (need we go on) professional development sessions and meetings all leaders often endure. There may not be a more rewarding career than School Leadership, but there is also NOT a field that is less effectively professionally developed. With all of the futures at stake, you would think we would invest more in our own professional development. At educate4hope, we have experienced and seen the sacrifices leaders make. Whether it is sacrificing your personal life or the need to professionally grow. That is why our Hybrid Learning Model is meant to engage you in your learning goals that are personalized. We will work strategically to MAXIMIZE your impact and school success through delivery of content and instruction via digital and online media where you have COMPLETE control over TIME, PLACE, PATH and PACE! You have the flexibility to engage as much or as little depending on your schedule ~ depending on YOU! You can balance your personal and professional life without feeling like you need to compromise either. How many professional development opportunities can offer content, professional growth and complete flexibility from educators who have been successful leaders? Our courses are taught by leaders who have not just balanced the challenges of work/life realities but who have also experienced and replicated that success again and again for their school communities.