Educate4hope was founded by our fundamental desire and belief that effective leadership coaching is the singular most effective strategy that positively influences and supports efforts of building and sustaining a legacy of academic achievement and positive school culture. The reality is, in many of our nation’s school districts, leaders are not supported and professionally developed in a manner that leverages skills sets nor is it done in a collaborative, trusting fashion. Whether it is a capacity, skill set, political, or a resource issue – it just doesn’t happen in some systems. As a result, our systems, schools and students continue to be impacted by losing potentially GREAT people and leaders.

We can NOT afford to bleed good, let alone GREAT leaders! As education reform has continued to evolve, so has educate4hope. With leadership coaching at the core of our service design we have continued to grow our services to meet the needs of our leaders.

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School Happiness Agency 

At E4H we believe School Happiness Agency (SHA) is the ability to create, influence, encourage and assume responsibility for the actions that will enhance the experience of joy, overall well-being, connectedness, sense that one’s life is good, and meaningfulness. This sense of agency is essential in the development of the school community’s social-emotional capacity to take control, increase motivation and respond to the environment in a healthy, meaningful, happy manner. Our ability to take action is not in the form of control- it is in the creation of the purposeful structures and intentional opportunities that build the culture, skills and tools in creating a mindset where happiness is the ultimate goal for all.

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Desiring the Next step

Tired of not getting through the paper screening? Worried how ESSA effects the role of a building leader? 

Find out about how you can be best prepared to be an Educational Leader today and obtain the Leadership Role that will allow you to grow your skill set.

EDUCATE4HOPE's Leadership Podcast

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It is all about intentional, deliberate leadership. Ignite our passion within each other to do better, be better or just do things differently if it means being the best for our personal and professional children. Listen in to Insight4Leaders.


                  Proud and humbled at our National Recognition for our work with Digital Technology

                 Proud and humbled at our National Recognition for our work with Digital Technology