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By connecting to listeners on a personal level and discussing relevant, real life issues and skills, Kristina and Sherry will give you and your group the tools, motivation and insight they need to excel in their personal and professional lives as well as lead and live with passion and integrity. As  parents of 11, educators for nearly 4 decades combined, Best Selling Author and advocates for children and families, Kristina and Sherry do not take their life's work lightly, but they will infuse humor and real life story telling to connect to their audience and create an urgency for ACTION. 


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We are able to present both keynotes and workshops to serve district, school and parent audiences of all sizes. Topics include:


*Cultivating you School Happiness Agency

*CONNECTING 2Happiness via Technology

*EMPOWER Technology to ENGAGE


*Digital Footprints- what?

* Google APPs For Education 101

*Dropout Prevention is Non-traditional

*Navigating Family Resources Is NOT For The Faint of Heart

*Inspect What You Respect: How To Align, Support & Monitor PLPs ~Staying Focused on What Truly Matters

*And YOU Want To Be My Principal Pro?

*Power of Parent Engagement

*Why Juggle? Professional v Personal 

*Leadership Matters More

*Value-Based Leadership

...and more


We would welcome an opportunity to visit with your team to learn more about your conference/organization and how we can best work together to accomplish your goals, grow leadership capacity and maximize student success.


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