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To position our partners so that HOPE is forever realized.

Kristina M. MacBury


Chief Educational Officer

Kris began her career in education eighteen years ago when she served as a Biology teacher in the School District of Philadelphia’s, Martin Luther King High School. Seven years later, under a major re-organization, she was asked to take on the leadership role of 9th Grade House Principal. Under her leadership, the school experienced dramatic increases in student promotion to grade 10, decreases in student dropouts as well as student incident rates. Kris’ ability to build a strong team and followership was recognized by district leadership and community organizations. As such, the School District of Philadelphia, partnering with an external management organization, asked Kris to step-in and become MLKing’s youngest female principal to run an urban high school in Philadelphia.In the three years under Kris’ leadership, the school was taken off the State’s persistently dangerous list for two consecutive years. Additionally, student achievement was the highest in the history of the school. Kris was able to rebuild the school after replacing over 60 staff members, reorganize the whole school structure around student support and build a team committed to achieving dreams under her developed MLK creed, “King Team, One Dream.”From there, Kris accepted a mid-year challenge at another urban high school serving students from Wilmington, Delaware at Christiana High School, where the school was in desperate need of a strong Instructional Leader. CHS was the lowest performing secondary school in the Christina School District (and state) and had the highest percentage of low-income students and diversity of the three high schools in the system. Two out of three years, and for the first time in the school’s history, her school achieved Adequate Yearly Progress, discipline incidents were drastically reduced and student attendance increased. As the district was scrutinized by the Office of Civil Rights for disparities in equitable consequences and sensitivity to culturally responsive discipline, Christiana High School, under Kris’ leadership, received the lowest index score of all middle and high schools in the district and was recognized for the culturally responsive discipline and options for students. They developed, recommended, transitioned, monitored and celebrated students in Fast-Track Credit Recovery Day and Evening Programs, In-School/ Full Service Non Suspension Room, and a Therapeutic Accommodation Room. These opportunities were created with the least amount of monetary resources per student. She also redesigned the Special Education, Professional Learning Community and ELL models as well as created a yearlong professional development plan to increase leadership capacity within her school for the purposes of sustainability.At both schools, Kris has been able to develop an effective and unique master schedule, driven by student needs to incorporate an effective RTi program, Teacher Common Planning Time, and the specific Professional Learning Community structure at the school. Data is commonplace and used to inform instruction and decisions on school improvement and needed with designing instruction to meet the unique learning needs of all of her students efforts. Through the development of efficient protocols at each school to monitor and provide constant feedback on current school and professional development initiatives, each realized desired outcomes.During Kris’ most recent tenure at Sarah Pyle Academy in Wilmington, DE she has taken on the unique opportunity to engage the City of Wilmington, as well as her school district to ensure that her program is maximizing and leveraging resources, technology and partnerships to provide non-traditional opportunities to meet all students needs and prepare her students for life after high school. Within a year at the ‘SPA’, Kris has transformed the program to include opportunities for students to self-refer into the program, connect to their classrooms 12 hours a day via ADOBE Connect, developed and implemented a mandatory student lead portfolio process to track and monitor student progress and growth, implemented a competitive College Ready Mathematics and Reading Comprehension skills requirement for all students, worked with staff to develop/create/build an on-campus Peace Garden, a Community Little Library and garnered partnerships and relationships within businesses in Wilmington, Delaware to give depth and meaningful entrepreneurial education and experiences to all of our students. Currently, Sarah Pyle High School is the only non-traditional, dropout prevention program in the state of Delaware and has been recognized by Center for Digital Education as a 2016 Curriculum and Technology Award Honoree,  the National Dropout Prevention Network with the Crystal Award for Drop-Out Prevention. Under Kris’ leadership she continues to re-brand Sarah Pyle as a non-traditional, blended and flexible learning option that services all students 16-21 who are serious about earning their diploma and have a strong entrepreneurial desire to be successful members of their community. Aspiring to make SPA the "Breakthrough" School of Delaware, Kris has lead her program by developing a completely student centered, comprehensive Google based, Personalized Learning Portal that engages families and with alignment in culture, monitoring and progress. Currently, staff and students actively pursue their GAFE Level 1&2 certifications and continue to find ways to use the GAFE to engage all stakeholders. Kris is a graduate of St. Francis University where she was a Pre-Med major and earned her degree in Secondary Education. In 2006, Kris was recognized by St. Francis University as a “Distinguished Young Alumna of the Year” for her work in Urban Education Reform. Kris earned her Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from Cheyney University. She is

Sherry L. MacBury, Ed.D.

Chief Operational Officer

Phone: 302-275-4030

Sherry began her education career after spending six years in Corporate America. She started out servicing at-risk students as a School-to-Work Transition teacher. Soon after, she became a Business Education teacher and after completing her Master’s Degree in Community Counseling, she became a high school Guidance Counselor. Years later, she was named Assistant Principal at Glasgow High School charged with leading the school through implementation of the Small Learning Communities Federal Initiative Grant. Two and half-years later, Sherry was asked to serve as Interim Principal for the School and to remain on as principal at the end of the school year. However, she accepted a Turnaround Principalship in her childhood school district, at her rival high school, McKean High School. Under her leadership, within three years McKean High became the only comprehensive high school in the state of Delaware to achieve Adequate Yearly Progress after restructuring. Two of McKean’s model programs implemented under Sherry’s leadership also received the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce’s “SuperStars in Education Award” for its Freshman Advisory Program and its Attendance Recovery Program. Both programs were instrumental in improving student achievement. Sherry also earned recognition for Administrator of the Year by the Delaware School Counselors Association.Upon completion of her Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership and Policy, Sherry accepted a position as an Assistant Regional Superintendent of High Schools in the School District of Philadelphia. There, Sherry implemented a dashboard monitoring tool to monitor progress of her assigned schools relative to their School Improvement Plans and make projections for Adequate Yearly Progress. Additionally, she led walkthrough teams through a systematized monthly walkthrough process designed to improve teaching and learning in schools. The high school region had the highest gains in the history of the School District at the end of the 2009-2010 school year. Sherry’s experience at Mastery Charter Schools as a Deputy Chief Academic Officer of Specialized Programs allowed her to develop alternative programs for students in violation of serious infractions per the code of conduct and special needs programs and services. Sherry developed a vision and mission for the newly created specialized services unit to include psychological and social work services. Sherry led her team in developing monitoring tools to ensure programs and services delivered to students were appropriate.In the summer of 2011, Sherry was asked to return to Delaware to turnaround the failing high school where she started her administrative career. Glasgow High School was labeled as a Partnership Zone School through Delaware’s Race to the Top Initiative and was leaderless in August 2011. Sherry accepted the challenge and in under her leadership, in one year, had the greatest growth of any high school in the State of Delaware. Glasgow High School achieved Adequate Yearly Progress for the first time in its history. Sherry was able to bring in an Innovative Program Grant from the State in access of $300,000 to implement a Culinary Arts, Pharmacy Tech and CAD program to the school as well as a $130,000 Dual Enrollment Grant. Sherry delivered on the plan’s promise of implementing a School-within-a-School model while delivering Project Based Learning as an instructional delivery method with dramatic results in one school year. Most recently, Sherry has been providing educational services via consulting. She is co-principal of Educate4Hope and garners partnerships to do principal and capacity building to provide support to districts and schools in the areas of: Coaching and mentoring as well as assisting systems with innovative and pragmatic ways to increase the capacity for learning and leading through human capital management and leadership development. Additionally, Sherry has worked with the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) to conduct professional development and coaching services on assessment and data analysis for schools and school systems as well as an Account Executive, serving as a strategic partner with schools and school systems with which she worked with the purpose and intent of building capacity and improving practice.  Sherry also has experience as a Director of Partnerships in an ed-tech start-up organization, BetterLesson promising to dramatically improve the desired instructional shifts needed to support teacher and student outcomes via a 1:1 virtual coaching model.


I taught for 11 years in a hard-to-staff, urban school until Sherry asked me to consider a move to school administration. I would have been content to work my whole career and retire as a teacher, but Sherry saw something in me that no one else did. I have now been an administrator in three difficult, urban schools, and I have always felt empowered to do my job because of the way Sherry modeled effective job performance for me. She developed my leadership skills by sharing a workload and showing me how to assemble a quality team with a focus on getting the work done. And, on top of that, she did this work in the schools that most administrators did not want to work in. She was prime example to me of the power of getting the most effective people into the schools where they are the most needed.
— Chris Kohan, Assistant Principal, John Dickinson High School